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This provides centralized structure that has previously been unavailable to Linux/Unix environments, and it does it using native Linux applications and protocols.For efficiency, risk management, and ease of administration, IT administrators try to manage identities as centrally as possible and to unite identity management with authentication and authorization policies.Historically, Linux environments have had a very difficult time establishing this centralized management.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Id M is a way to create identity stores, centralized authentication, domain control for Kerberos and DNS services, and authorization policies — all on Linux systems, using native Linux tools.

While centralized identity/policy/authorization software is hardly new, Identity Management is one of the only options that supports Linux/Unix domains.

Identity Management provides a unifying skin for standards-defined, common network services, including PAM, LDAP, Kerberos, DNS, NTP, and certificate services, and it allows Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems to serve as the domain controllers.

Identity Management defines a domain, with servers and clients that share centrally-managed services, like Kerberos and DNS.

This chapter first explains what Identity Management is.