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The novel was put on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum.

Although Rousseau wrote it as a novel, a philosophical theory about authenticity permeates through it, as he explores autonomy and authenticity as moral values.

A common interpretation is that Rousseau valued the ethics of authenticity over rational moral principles, as he illustrates the principle that one should do what is imposed upon him by society only insofar as it would seem congruent with one's "secret principles" and feelings, being constituent of one's core identity.

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Arthur Schopenhauer cited Julie, or the New Heloise as one of the four greatest novels ever written, along with Tristram Shandy, Wilhelm Meister, and Don Quixote. My seizure became so strong that if I had not put the book away I would have been as ill as all those who attended that virtuous woman in her last moments.

Publishers could not print copies fast enough so they rented the book out by the day and even by the hour. Like this reader, people became deeply invested in the lives of the characters in the novel, to an extent that was entirely new in fiction.

According to Darnton, there were at least 70 editions in print before 1800, "probably more than for any other novel in the previous history of publishing." One reader claimed that the novel nearly drove him mad from excess of feeling while another claimed that the violent sobbing he underwent cured his cold. In fact, some readers simply could not accept that the book was fiction.

Reader after reader describes their "tears", "sighs", "torments" and "ecstasies" to Rousseau. One woman wrote to Rousseau asking: Many people who have read your book and discussed it with me assert that it is only a clever fabrication on your part. If so, how could a mistaken reading have produced sensations like the ones I felt when I read the book? Claire, sweet Claire, did she follow her dear friend to the grave? de Wolmar, milord Edouard, all those persons, are they only imaginary as some want to convince me?

Maja Berezowska (born April 13, 1893 or 1898 in Baranowicze - May 31, 1978 in Warsaw) was a Polish painter.