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1080p or 720p video (1600x1200 image sensor is upscaled). BGA (ball grid array) damage - The camera module image sensor chip is usually BGA. If the 808 is dropped or used in an application like an RC airplane crash, mechanical shock can damage the BGA solder which can't be repaired unless the damage is in a replaceable internal camera module (i.e.808 #16). Great micro soldering skill is required and disconnect the camera power while solderiing. Without case and without battery, about 6 grams, hence good for small RC. You can try to ask your camera seller a question, but good luck with that, as many sellers don't know much about the camera. To contact a producer, send an e Bay message with your business proposal or question. The solder joints might need to be re-soldered using solder flux.

The 808 is a small color video camera with audio that also takes photos. Don't use any documentation that came with your camera, the sellers description or a sample video from the seller. The quality can be what you would expect from a medium quality cell phone but not what you would expect from a Canon or Nikon digital camera.

I received and reviewed my first 808 car keys micro camera (version #1) in September 2009. Quality is reduced in the design of some 808 versions to reduce cost in the following ways. Underpowered processor with a simple video compression (MJPEG) that can cause a large data stream and data overrun the SD card.

I received email from many other 808 owners, thank you, who described how the electronics and functions of their 808 were different than mine. 150729 BUYER BEWARE - 720p H.264 description, 480p MJPG delivered. Insufficient RAM buffering to reduce data overruns at the SD card.

I started enumerating and documenting the many versions and this website grew. I select micro cameras to review that are 40 grams maximum. e Bay #301687375162 was ordered in Germany and an 808 #27 480p MJPEG was delivered. If a camera has a 480p image sensor it is not a 720p camera. Poor quality control in badly soldered hand-soldered parts.

Buy an 808 from a seller who lists the version number. If a camera is sold as 720p and takes 720p video, but has a 480p image sensor, it's a fake. Marketing pressure to falsify a high resolution by up-scaling images, increasing the data streams with no increase in quality.